domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2014

Someone hijacked my account.  That was not the desert queen Zarcus.  She shows no mercy.
I've been bit. Whenever you go into the desert you cannot think you are immune 100%.....because when you are not prepared to get yourself deep into any kind of situation....when you actually think you are immune....than my friend....the world surprises you. to be actually strong, you have to realize your weakness, and being strong is not about having no weakness but it is about knowing how to deal with them.  Before the desert, she had so much water in her.
the water was drying many years riding on hat path..... looking always for the new adventure, for a new rush of adrenaline....oh yeah, adrenalin was her drug.  But, adreniline, the desert, or whatever you call it, is temporary.  You get there and then you are gone.  It's a flash, a dream...Exactly...that is that...that is why is soooo good and so destructive.... you look for the high, and the search is kind of good but once you find it, it dies easily after all.....but then after sometime she found something more powerful........she found catus and who did not get on its horse and dissipear like the wind in the desert.....she didnt want him there but she didnt want him gone....what is going on with Zarcasssss ??